Song Joong Ki's co-star says actor politely declined to let her sing his wedding song

Reveals she knew about the couple's wedding plans but chose to keep mum.

Lee Jung-hyun
The official character poster for actress Lee Jung-hyun in 'The Battleship Island.' Movie releases today.

South Korean pop singer and actress Lee Jung-hyun, who stars in upcoming movie 'The Battleship Island,' revealed that she knew about Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo's marriage plans but chose to keep quiet. In fact, she even offered to sing their wedding song but Song Joong-ki had to decline the offer.

In an exclusive interview given to website Allkpop on July 25, Lee Jung-hyun was asked whether she had any knowledge about Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo's marriage plans, while filming 'The Battleship Island' with Song Joong-ki.

The actress said, "I was a bit sceptical about the couple's relationship before the wedding news was announced to the public. I just pretended not to notice and I decided to wait until he told me in person. (Once he did) I congratulated him and also told him to have a house warming party."

Lee Jung-hyun thought that having been a singer, she'd sing the wedding song for the SongSong couple when they tie the knot on October 31, this year. Lee Jung-hyun is famously known as "The Techno Queen" for it was she who introduced techno music as a genre to South Korea in particular and Asia in general. However, her wish was declined by the 'Descendants of the Sun' actor.

"In regards to the congratulatory song, I asked him, 'How about I sing 'Wa' (Come) or 'Bakkwo' (Change)? He then laughed and said Ock Joo-hyun noona is singing the congratulatory song for them," she told Allkpop. Ock Joo-hyun used to be the lead singer of K-pop group Fin.K.L..

As noted by website Soompi, Lee Jung-hyun also said, "I knew about [SongSong couple's marriage] before Song Joong-ki revealed the news. And while it's true that I knew about it beforehand, I couldn't let anyone find out that I knew." The actress also revealed that Song Joong-ki invited her to visit the couple at their home after their marriage, to congratulate them.

As regards her own plans of getting married, she told Allkpop, "I always do think about it but I'm not sure when I'll get married. Song Joong-ki was also concerned about me, saying 'Noona, you have to get married soon.'"

'The Battleship Island' starring Song Joong-ki, Hwang Jung-min, So Ji-sub and Lee Jung-hyun among others, releases in theatres today.

This article was first published on July 26, 2017
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