Song Joong Ki's 31st birthday: Candid photos of Descendant of the Sun actor

Song Joong Ki shot to fame after playing Captain Yoo Shi Jin in the Descendants of the Sun.

Song Joong Ki will celebrate his 31st birthday on 19 September. The actor shot to fame after playing the lead role as Captain Yoo Shi Jin in the Descendants of the Sun.

Joong Ki is known to be a humble human being. In April, during a Q&A session in Seoul, he revealed details about himself. He said: "I think I am a conservative, not-so-cool kind of guy. But acting out Yoo Si-jin, I learned a lot about how women love to be treated. The character explains about why female fans are so into this character. I particularly learned a lot about what women want to hear from their men, boyfriends and husbands."

Adding on, the Running Man star admitted he is overwhelmed by the global fame. He said: "I am happy to be cited in many news articles in different sections. That makes another reason to study diverse subjects."

On the event of his birthday, IBTimes Singapore has hand-picked top photos of Joong Ki.

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