Song Joong-Ki talks about first kiss, dating older women and wait for eternal love

Joong-Ki, the star of Descendants of the Sun, has been in four relationships in the past but is waiting for the true love.

Hallyu star Song Joong-Ki is comfortable dating older women, the reigning haertthrob has finally agreed. The 'Descendants of the Sun' star also spoke at length about his various relationships, his first kiss and other details about his love life at a fan meet in Thailand.

The 30-year-old also stated that he wants a love-filled relationship and is ready to wait for his entire life to woo a woman he loves.

The actor was in Thailand for the second leg of his eight-city fan meetings. Around 4,000 Joong-Ki fans attended the three-hour event held at Thunder Dome in Bangkok. Besides playing many fun activities, Joong-Ki also got involved in a Q&A session with his fans, and revealed some interesting facts about his love life and dating prospective.

The actor stated that even after playing a 'super romantic' character in the hit series 'Descendants of the Sun', he feels he cannot ever beat Captain Yoo Si Jin in love and romance.

When asked about Joong-Ki's love persuasions and if he is willing to try to win over his lady love, the actor earnestly replied: "If she is the woman that I'm truly in love with then I will always be waiting."

Joong-Ki has been in four relationships in the past as per reports and his serious ones lasted six years, three years, and two years respectively.

His first relationship, which lasted just 103 days, bloomed when the actor was in school. "I met my first girlfriend when I was in the ninth grade", said Joong-Ki. "She dumped me after only 103 days".

Joong-Ki also experienced his first kiss while he was in school. The actor said he kissed his girlfriend at the bus stop when he was in the 11th grade.

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