Song Joong Ki shared some of his 'perfect selfie' secrets at the promotional event of cell phone company Vivo, in Shanghai. The Hallyu star is reportedly the brand ambassador of the Chinese telecom giant.

The 31-year-old shared some tips to save time on clicking a perfect selfie. He stated that a flawless selfie is apparently proportionate to the angle where you keep your phone. The Descendant of the Sun star said: "I heard [your selfie] will come out well if you take it at a 45 degree angle."

Joong Ki further expressed some of his selfie moments with his close friends, Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Jong Kook. He added that the singer and TV presenter, Kook, is very good at taking selfies.

Adding on, Joong Ki also revealed that why he does not have many clicks with his Running Man buddy, Kwang Soo. He said: "I spent Kwang Soo's birthday with him, and we ate seaweed soup together. Kwang Soo is good at taking selcas, but not with me. We can't because of our height difference."

Finally, Song Joong Ki concluded with his data usage details. He said: "I watch a lot of videos and movies. I think I use most of [my data] in watching entertaining videos."