Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum in Singapore: Actors create laughter riot for their fans with bromance

More than 3,500 youngsters gathered at the Star Theatre to welcome in Singapore.

Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum in Bangkok fan meet
Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum in Bangkok fan meet Instagram

Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum, the two Korean heartthrobs who captured millions of hearts with their performances in Descendants of the Sun and Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, gifted a night full of fun, frolic and laughter to their Singapore fans on Saturday night.

More than 3,500 youngsters, mostly students, gathered at the Star Theatre to welcome the king and the prince of Hallyuwood. Needless to say that unlike other Park Bo-gum fan meetings, Singapore turned out to be the best ever.

The ever-enthusiastic duo met their match in Singapore as the K-drama fans challenged the actors to put their best foot forward.

Song joong Ki and Park Bo Gum sang, played games, and pulled each other's legs throughout the show. The actors drove the audience into a frenzy by playing the "Rock-Paper-Scissors" live at the theatre. It was a sight worth watching as the infectious non-stop laughter spread across the auditorium. During an archery game of shooting stuffed toys, the duo held each other's hips making the fans burst out in laughter.

Song Joong Ki reenacted the classic pottery-making scene by wrapping his arms around Park Bo-gum from behind and the audience simply loved the moment. That moment was the cherry on the cake.

Park Bo Gum read out a heartfelt letter that he wrote for his Singapore fans. It read: "Thank you for coming today. I'll come back again. I'll improve myself and become better in the future." The actor also went on a ferry trip in Singapore and enjoyed the local cuisine. The Seoul Story reported that Park Bo Gum was congratulated by BTS, B1A4, Jinyoung, and Kim Jong-kook for his Singapore tour.

Song joong Ki also addressed his Singapore fans and said: "The last time I saw you guys was in 2012. Miss you guys and thank you for coming to support Park Bo Gum."

Meanwhile, a few self-motivated youngsters posted several videos of Song Joong-ki and Park Bo-gum live from Singapore show on Facebook and Instagram for the fans, who were unable to attend the meeting. The hashtag #ParkBoGumInSG has been trending on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Joyce Tay, a fan of both Song Joong-ki and Park Bo-gum, said that it is a boon to meet both actors under one roof. "Song Joong-ki made waves in the first half of 2016, and then it was Park Bo Gum's turn in the second half of the year. It is rare to have an opportunity like this to see two top actors at one meet," Tay told Straits Times.

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