Hallyu stars Song Joong-Ki and Park Bo Gum have come forward to showcase their love and support to their label mate Cha Tae Hyun in his new endeavour.

Actors Joong-Ki and Bo Gum are very close to their Blossom Entertainment colleague and have decided to record a few words of encouragement for their multi-talented friend.

As per reports, actor -singer Tae -hyun released a series of tracks in collaboration with his close friend Hong Kyun Min last week. The title music of the special peppy 'Hong Cha' project album is 'Cheer up', along with dance number 'Hong Cha' and 'Right Right'.

Giving his blessings to the singer, Joong-Ki states: "I recently heard Hong Cha's songs earlier and I think they will be very popular this summer. Taehyun hyung and Kyungmin hyung, you guys made a comeback in a long time, I love you. Fighting."

Actor Park Bo Gum expressed his happiness with a message: "The song's lyrics are really warm, so I think this song will move many hearts and provide comfort to many people. I hope people will listen to this song and gain strength. I will also cheer on Hong Cha Project."

Check out the special message support video here: