JTBC has confirmed that actors Song Joong Ki and Namgoong Min will make a special appearance in the investigative thriller Man to Man. Song Joong Ki has already filmed his portion in February as the entire drama is pre-filmed. He is likely to make an appearance on the ninth episode and will appear as a bank employee.

It is to be noted that Joong Ki is close to Man to Man writer Kim Won Suk, who also co-wrote the actor's hit drama Descendants of the Sun. However, though it has also been confirmed that actor Namgoong Min will make a special cameo, more details are yet to be revealed. Min has earlier worked with Man to Man PD Lee Chung Min in his drama Remember.

Man to Man stars Park Hae-jin, Park Sung-woong, Kim Min-jung, Chae Jung-an and Yeon Jung-hoon. The drama narrates the story of a well-known actor Yeo Woon-gwang (Park Sung-woong), who majorly plays villainous roles, hires the mysterious Kim Seol-woo (Park Hae-jin), a man trained in special investigations, as his bodyguard. Though the star is well-loved by his fans, he has a darker side. As the mysteries unfold, the star and his bodyguard encounter a budding bromance.

The Park Hae Jin starrer drama made an impressive debut on April 21 making it JTBC's best first episode rating. It received nationwide viewership shares of 4.055 percent, according to Nielsen Korea. However, the rating saw a dip on April 29 and recorded a 2.5 percent rating, which is almost a1.6 percent decline.

Interestingly, lead actor Hae Jin has promised to donate 10,000 trees to South Korea if the drama ratings cross the 10 percent mark. So we hope that the drama will trump the 10 percent mark in the coming days.