Song Joong Ki married to 20-year-old Mai Wei? Truth revealed

Mai Wei won Mrs. Song Joong Ki contest that happened in China in May.

Fans of South Korean actor Song Joong Ki are going berserk over reports that he is married. Rumours are making rounds that the Descendants of the Sun is secretly married to a 20-year-old named Mai Wei.

However, Joong Ki's fans can calm down. The reports of him being married started from a contest that happened in China in May.

Female fans of the 30-year-old actor had to do various tasks and answer questions related to Joong Ki. The winner of Mrs. Song Joong-ki contest was announced as Mai Wei. She was also awarded a total amount of 6,000 Chinese Yuan.

Wei and the other two who made it to top three were given a chance to sign up with a modeling agency, free tickets to his fan meetings and a photo time with Joong Ki.

Meanwhile, during an interview with Korea Herald, Joong Ki talked about people's interest in his private life. He said: "To be honest, I'm a little upset these days. My family has been exposed to the media. Some people break into our house. My ex-girlfriend's photos are circulating online. To say that these are things I need to endure for the sake of celebrity ... that's sad. I want to respectfully request that my private life remain private."

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