Song Joong-ki: Love K-pop girl groups more than buddy Lee Kwang-soo

Song Joong-ki flaunts his never-ending friendship with Lee Kwang-soo during Beijing fan meet

"Descendants of the Sun" star Song Joong-ki was seen flaunting his never-ending friendship with Lee Kwang-soo during his Beijing fan meet on Saturday.

Starting with a short speech for his fans, Song Joong-ki spoke about how he lacks the skills to use social networking apps such as Weibo or Instagram and also mentioned about Lee Kwang-soo's ability to handle social media. "I'm bad at using these apps but Kwang-soo can. He will certainly provide all the latest updates of me so you can talk to him if you have any questions," he said with a smirk on his face.

In the middle of the event, there was a Q&A session for the media and his fans. When Song was asked to choose among the essential things he would bring on a trip, he answered spontaneously "Kwang-soo."

He said: "I need someone to pay for the food... Just kidding! He's a very, very close friend so if we ever have time we should definitely go on a trip together."

But by the end of the fan meeting, he was asked to choose between Lee Kwang-soo and K-pop girl groups. In reply, Song Joong-ki succeeded in making his fans burst into laughter by his prompt reply, "Not Kwang-soo. I like girl groups more!"

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