Song Joong Ki engraves a 'heart' on the rock with his co-star's name

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo will be seen at the Chengdu fan meet on 17 June.

Song Joong Ki has once again proved his brotherly love towards his Running Man co-star and best friend, Lee Kwang Soo. Both the actors, who share a strong connection, mesmerized their fans at Joong Ki's fan meet in Hong Kong.

During the interaction session, the 30-year-old revealed his affection towards his reality show co-star. Joong Ki shared an incident which took place on the sets of Descendants of the Sun last year, where Kwang Soo was invited to the shoot.

Elaborating the story, Joong Ki said: "During the filming for 'Descendants of the Sun', I engraved Kwang Soo's name in a stone at the beach in Greece. It was the first time I ever did such a thing."

The message on the rock read, "Joong Ki 'Love' Kwang Soo," with the phrase 'Asian prince' under Lee Kwang Soo's name. However in reaction to Joong Ki's story, Kwang Soo made a puke face, and responded, "Yeah, it's first for me as well..."

Both the stars were seen enjoying the interaction session with close to 8000 fans present at the Asia World Expo Arena. The duo showcased a great chemistry and enthralled the audience with an enchanting duet.

Joong Ki will be next seen at the Chengdu edition of his Asia Tour Fan Meeting on 17 June, along with his rumored lady love, Song Hye Kyo.

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