Song Joong Ki to endorse Chinese cosmetic brand Proya along actress Zhang Ziyi

The actor reportedly cracked a two-year deal with Chinese cosmetic company Proya worth 4 billion won.

Acror Song Joong Ki, the boyish-looking hunk of hit TV series 'Descendnts of the Sun', is breaking all the records of popularity in China and Korea.

Reportedly, the South Korean superstar bagged a lucrative endorsement offer worth 4 billion won (S$4.7 million) from Chinese cosmetic brand Proya. This would make him one of top earning actors beside A-list hallyu stars such as Kim Soo-hyun and Lee Min-ho.

The 31-year-old, who cracked a two-year deal with the cosmetic brand, will be the new face of Proya along with top Chinese actress Ziyi Zhang.

According to the reports released by the China Internet Information Center (CIIC), Allkpop stated that Joong Ki's endorsement income from Chinese industry equals 2.8 billion KRW.

The data collected for the study is based on the actor's endorsement earning in China for past 6 months.

"Song Joong Ki, who is all the rage now in Asia thanks to 'Descendants of the Sun,' is rising in value. In China, the price for his endorsements skyrocketed. In half a year, he makes 16 million Yuan, which is higher than what Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun makes combined. Currently, around 10 advertising agencies are sending him various offers," the report read.

Meanwhile, Joong Ki's agency Blossom Entertainment chose not to comment on the figure but agreed that Joong Ki was getting big international offers.

"There are many articles making a guesswork on Song Joong Ki's pay but we can't give you the exact amount. But it is true that he is receiving many offers from global brands both domestically and internationally," the agency told Sports Chosun.

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