Is Song Joong Ki dating Song Hye Kyo? Actor calls his rumored lady love as 'the best partner'

Song Joong Ki bagged the trophy for the Outstanding actor at Seoul International Drama Awards 2016.

Hallyu star, Song Joong Ki has once again given a heads up to the rumors revolving around his love filled relationip with actress Song Hye Kyo. The 31-year-old reportedly raised a few eyebrows among fans when the actor called his pretty co-star, "the best partner".

At the red carpet interview for Seoul International Drama awards 2016, when asked about Hye Kyo's food truck gift, Joong Ki replied: "She not only sent a coffee truck, she sent a snack truck too. She's the best partner." Hye Kyo apparently sent in a coffee brewery truck on the sets of Song Joong Ki's forthcoming movie, Battleship Island, as a good luck charm few days ago. She also inscribed a considerate message for Joong Ki to impart added energy into her rumored boyfriend. The note read, "Song Joong Ki, 'Battleship Island' Staff, Stay Strong!"

Joong Ki's statement calling Hye Kyo as his best partner has undoubtedly instigated some serious thought process among fans. While many are yearning to see their favorite stars as a real couple, Hye Kyo's agency, on the other hand, has confirmed that the couple is not an item. Rumors that they are dating started in March after the two were reportedly seen together in New York.

The statement from UAA Korea read: "Song Joong-ki is her good colleague with whom she's done a TV series together."

"She was on vacation in New York and Song Joong Ki happened to be there. They had a meal with other friends, and we cannot believe it has turned into a scandal. There is no need for us to consider it seriously. We will take it as a sign of fans' interests. That story has been going around for a long time now. Media outlets have asked us about it and we have told them many times that it is not true," the letter read.