Song Ji Eun talks about her ideal type Lee Kwang Soo

Song Ji Eun thinks Lee Kwang Soo has a great personality.

Song Ji Eun
Song Ji Eun admitted she admires Lee Kwang Soo Instagram/secret_jieunssong

Song Ji Eun has revealed who is her ideal type. The 26-year-old member of the South Korean girl group Secret admitted she admires Lee Kwang Soo.

During an interview with International bnt, Ji Eun talked about the Running Man star. She said: "When I look at a person, I put great importance in one's personality. I can't say that I know Lee Kwang Soo sunbaenim's personality perfectly, but from what I heard on TV and from people around me, he seems to be a very bright, considerate person."

Adding on, the South Korean beauty spilled details about the girl band's comeback. She said: "We are thinking next year, but the details and exact date are not yet confirmed. I'm also very cautious and pressured by it. I've built up [to this point] with SECRET promotions rather than solo promotions, so I'm worried about how to maintain the public's love."

Meanwhile, Ji Eun had previously revealed how she takes care of herself. She said: "If you work hard, and while thinking that I'll be able to show a better image, I have come to like myself a bit more. One of my methods to loving myself is to find and eat mainly food that is good for my health and leave out things that are harmful for my health - not for my diet but for my health. I'm not as thin as when [I promoted] '25,' but I am happier mentally right now."