Song Hye Kyo spills interesting stories of Descendants of the Sun co-star Song Joong-ki

Song Hye-kyo revealed Song Joong-ki is fun to work with.

Descendants of the Sun star Song Hye-kyo has revealed some interesting moments with Song Joong-ki while working on the South Korean television series. The 30-year-old actor apparently had a lot of no-good (NG) takes, while filming.

During a press conference in Hong Kong, the 34-year-old actress talked about their fun-filled shoot. She said: "Even though the drama is about a serious love story, the characters have their lighthearted moments and comical scenes. I remember Song Joong Ki laughs a lot, so there were a lot of NGs due to his laughing. But every time that happens he feels sorry towards the staff."

In the hit drama, Joong Ki plays the lead role as Captain Yoo Shi Jin, and Hye Kyo reprises the role of doctor named Kang Mo-Yeon. In May 2015, Joong Ki officially returned to civilian life after completing his compulsory two-year military service.

He said: "It feels very natural for me to be in a soldier's uniform since I just left the army not long ago. The uniform feels like my own outfit."

Descendants of the Sun airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:00 (Korean Time). The finale will air in Korea and China on 14 April and in Singapore on 15 April on video app, Viu.

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