SONAMOO's reaction on Gugudan's unusual name revealed

Seven-member band SONAMOO released their third mini album, I Like U Too Much, on 29 June.

Rookie girl group, Gugudan, is garnering quite a lot of attention for their unusual choice of band name. While the nine-member group themselves revealed their confusion on their title name on their debut event, another novice group, SONAMOO has also expressed their surprise.

During SONAMOO's comeback release of their third mini album, I Like U Too Much, on June 29, the seven-member shared their thoughts on their co-rookies eccentric choice. The group member stated: "We were very surprised when we heard Gugudan's name. We were surprised when we first heard our team name too, but we eventually got used to it, and now we love it."

Referring to another unique name, KNK, the main vocalist of the group, Min Jae reportedly quoted: "Gugudan will get used to it soon. Also, we looked up the meaning of their name, and it sounded very meaningful. I think it will make them have pride for their uniqueness."

Previously, Gugudan's member Mina expressed her shock on hearing the name for the first time. She said: "When I first heard it, I was surprised. I thought they were joking. But then it became a name that people couldn't forget. Once I knew the meaning, I liked it."

Reportedly, Gugudan agency's chief liked the name a lot and decided to keep it despite other employees' apprehensions.