Some shows that are leaving Netflix forever! 'Friends' tops the list

The list of shows you must watch before they depart from Netflix are here. Read on to find out which are these shows

Friends reunion
The cast of Friends - David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox Arquette, Jennifer Aniston and Matt LeBlanc Reuters

Popular and in-demand TV shows on Netflix will soon be disappearing from the platform. These shows are set to leave the Netflix platform for they will be airing on other channels. Sitcoms like 'Friends', 'The Office' and many other shows will soon be showcased on channels like HBO Max, Disney+, Peacock and other platforms. In December 2018, Netflix disclosed that the famous sitcom "Friends" was leaving the platform and the fans did not take this well. Since the show is so much in demand, Netflix had to pay a whopping $100 million to keep the show on its platform for another year.

The Office
A scene from "The Office" The Office/ Instagram

Nonetheless, the show will be leaving Netflix and be airing on the streaming service, HBO Max post its launch in the spring of 2020. HBO Max is a WarnerMedia's streaming platform and this will debut close to 10,000 hours of premium content. According to sources and reports, WarnerMedia paid $85million every year for five years that comes up to $425 million in total to purchase the show to be featured on its service.

The chairman of WarnerMedia Entertainment, Robert Greenblatt stated, "HBO Max will bring together the diverse riches of WarnerMedia to create programming and user experiences not seen before in a streaming platform. HBO's world-class programming leads the way, the quality of which will be the guiding principle for our new array of Max Originals, our exciting acquisitions, and the very best of the Warner Bros. libraries, starting with the phenomenon that is Friends."

Greys Anatomy
A scene from Grey's Anatomy Grey's Anatomy/ Instagram

Netflix subscribers will be able to watch Steve Carell's "The Office" for longer. The series will be available for longer and will drift away in the end of 2020. Netflix via Twitter mentioned, "We're sad that NBC has decided to take The Office back for its own streaming platform — but members can binge watch the show to their hearts' content ad-free on Netflix until January 2021." The other shows that are rumoured to leave the platform are 'Cheers', 'The West Wing', 'Grey's Anatomy', 'Parks and Recreation' and 'Frasier'.