Solarin luxury smartphone: How different is it and who's going to buy it?

A British-Israeli start-up plans to launch a smartphone worth $15,000 that will combine advanced technology with military-grade security.

Sirin Labs, a British-Israeli start-up, is launching a mobile phone worth $15,000 that will have a mixture of advanced technology and military-grade security by the end of next month.

The luxury smartphone named 'Solarin' is based on the Android operating system and will be gifted with high-level security, powerful components, luxury materials and advanced technology that is not yet available in any other commercial models.

The start-up has already started working on its plan to launch the device in the market. Sirin Labs has raised a fund of $72 million from private investors. The company plans to open their first mobile store in London's Mayfair by the end of May 2016.

"Unlike mainstream technology companies where price is paramount, Sirin Labs doesn't need to wait a couple of years before bringing the most advanced technology to its customers. Cost doesn't influence our decision making; optimal functionality and quality do," said CEO Tal Cohen.

According to the company, this smart-phone targets the executive class who requires "the highest level of privacy and connectivity with uncompromising quality."

Sirin co-founder and president Moshe Hogeg said the devices will start from the range of $10,000 and will go all the way up to $15,000. "The price may come down in the future", he added.

The company has also planned to open their retail stores across other continents like North America, Europe and Asia by the end of this year. But till then people from other places can order online through Sirin Labs official website.

"As tech lovers, we said we wanted to bring the most sophisticated tech out there into the smartphone," said Hogeg. "91% of Fortune 500 companies are under cyber attacks, but companies can't use a military phone because they usually lack all the apps that consumers use.

Unique features

Most of the luxury smartphones available in the market are standard devices which have expensive materials incorporated in the device.

But Solarin is said to be different from those. It has a mixture of style and luxury with an advanced technology and security. Keeping the other aspects aside, security is one of the major issues nowadays when it comes to mobile phones or computers. Thus some people might land up paying a high price just to ensure the security part of their communication.

However, Solarin is not the most expensive device in the market. Vertu and Apple's iPhone Black Diamond are right at the top of the price chart, giving a good competition to each other.