Wonder Girls
South Korean girl group Wonder Girls split on 26 January Reuters

South Korean actress/singer Sohee has opened up about Wonder Girls's disbandment. The girl group, which debuted under JYP Entertainment officially disbanded on January 26.

During an interview for her upcoming film Single Rider, the singer, whose real name is Ahn So-hee, expressed her feeling meeting her former Wonder Girls members, who were present at the VIP premiere of her film. She said: "I greeted the members in the waiting room, and got choked up. I almost cried. I was thankful they came. It was a production I'd wanted to show them, so I was thankful when they talked about it positively."

"Because [the Wonder Girls] members and I talk so often, I knew about their disbandment beforehand. For me, I was more affected when I left the group to pursue a career as an actress, more than the disbandment. I wish the members will do even better after the disbandment," she added.

The girl group was formed in 2007, and made with their debut with the single, Irony. They quickly became famous with the singles Nobody and So Hot. Wonder Girls had made their much-anticipated comeback in July with Why So Lonely.