Sofia Vergara responds to Joe Manganiello cheating reports

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello have been married since 2015.

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello.
Sofia Vergara did not cheat on Joe Manganiello Reuters

Colombian model/actress Sofia Vergara has hit back at a gossip magazine for claiming that her marriage to Joe Manganiello is over due to her cheating scandal. The Modern Family star blasted Star magazine for saying that she cheated on the Magic Mike actor with another man in Rome.

Vergara took to Instagram and posted a photo of the cover story along with the caption: "The editor of this magazine is an idiotif he is going to have my ring removed to created a "fake" "news" he should have made sure that he removed from social media all the other pictures of that award night in Rome where Im wearing it. By the way...thats my friend the producer of the movie Bent that I was shooting in Rome and who came to spend Easter at my home the week later.#Starmagazinebullies#goinventsh*itaboutyourmother"

Vergara and Manganiello tied the knot on 22 November 2015 in Palm Beach, Florida. The two exchanged vows at the Breakers Resort surrounded by family and friends. They had their first dance as a married couple to Frank Sinatra's 1964 cover of The Way You Look Tonight.

Previously. Manganiello gushed about the 44-year-old actress during an interview for Ocean Drive magazine. He said: "I just married the girl that I love. That was it. I really do believe that we were put on the planet to be with each other. From the first date, it was just like wow! It was so easy in all the ways that you want it to be easy and challenging in all of the most fun ways possible. So I knew right away and that was it."

"I was never part of a celebrity couple before this, because I never wanted to go through the difficulty that can bring in terms of paparazzi and attention. The two of us knew that once it became public that we were together—and we had conversations about how that would change a lot of things, and she is the only woman on the planet that I was willing to go through all of that for. Because she's the greatest. And all that pressure has just brought us closer together. It's not something that we welcome into our lives. We try to stay private. At the end of the day, it's really nobody else's business but ours. It's just that I love her and she loves me and here we are. And there is a price for that, when living in the public eye," he added.