Sofia Taquet: A Passionate & Dedicated Influencer Aiming to Make a Positive Change

Sofia Taquet

People who have passion don't let obstacles, setbacks, or difficulties stop them from achieving their objectives. In contrast to their less motivated peers, they are tenacious, diligent, dependable, positive in their outlook, and confident in their abilities. With the continued growth of social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, influencer marketing is becoming a popular marketing strategy worldwide. Finding influencers who support your brand and its message is essential for successful marketing these days.

Sofia Taquet is a kind, passionate, generous, easy to work with, and dedicated influencer and actor who aims to make a positive difference. She is also a young aspiring entrepreneur who is passionate about music and film. The lifestyle and travel influencer kick-started her journey in 2020 when she planned on capturing the world and promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle. "My first partner was Profession Management, and I grew from 0 to 230K followers over the time I worked with them," disclosed Sofia.

Besides influencing, singing and music are Sofia's other hobbies, and she would eventually like to produce her own music. She stands out due to her skills but also for engaging with her audience. "I frequently ask questions and try my hardest to reply and engage. Another thing that sets me apart is trying to be as real as possible online. I post things I do on the daily, good or bad, but I try my best not to put on a mask but to be myself online," Sofia narrates.

Sofia reveals the difficulties she's encountered in her line of work. She affirmed that the biggest challenge she's faced were the hateful comments and bullying about her passion by people she knew well. However, she is thankful that these comments have made her a more confident individual who wants to embrace her passions and what makes her different even more.

Sofia adds, "At the time this was happening, it was difficult. I believe I have really grown as a person and overcome this as I have learned their opinions do not affect who I am and what good I want to do in the world,"

The passionate influencer would love to teach people about her journey and share wisdom and stories about her explorations and what she has learned and picked up. She mentions that her greatest lesson is to genuinely do what you love, even if those around you think otherwise, and always follow your passions.

"I aspire to produce my own music. I have always loved playing the guitar and piano, so a goal would be to record and release an album. I want to visit places such as Antarctica and Greenland etc., where many people don't get to travel and be able to let my followers live the experiences through me", shares Sofia. She currently does acting and drama, and would love to develop that in the future. Sofia also looks forward to flexing her entrepreneurial muscle and starting a clothing brand soon.