A Socialpreneur, Yash Tuteja Has The Vision To Give Back To Society In A Great Way

Yash Tuteja

He is the Managing Director of Meenakshi's Salon and Academy. It is a modern-day beauty salon chain in Chhattisgarh. Yash Tuteja is responsible for introducing technical advancements and managing the business. His enthusiasm and experience have allowed him to better understand the situations and handle them accordingly. Yash is also an active Director of Tuteja Academy, an all-inclusive academy that provides coaching for various competitive examinations including Civil Services, CGPSC, etc., in Raipur and Bilaspur. The academy has helped 100+ students to pass the examinations with great ranks in various examinations.

He is very passionate about helping the society, being aware of things going around, and giving back to society. He started an NGO with his friends: Aashayien, in 2010. This NGO works towards public welfare and Health awareness in society. The NGO believes in serving society, it strives to make a difference in society and to make a better future for India.

Yash Tuteja tells that when he was a kid, he used to collect pocket money and all of his friends gathered to celebrate their birthdays with the underprivileged people. They all had the privilege to drive to their favorite restaurants, play their games, have fun, cut a cake, etc., but they wanted everyone to have the same privilege. They all had the vision to change the country and wished that everyone had the same privilege as the other and this vision helped them to found their NGO in 2010.

He has seen his parents working hard since he was a child. He says that his mom started a salon in a one-room setting which by her efforts is now Meenakshi's Salon and Academy. Yash Tuteja says he was 17 when he started observing things and got into the business and started to learn the modern-day techniques that can be used at Salons.

The lockdown period was great for the NGO as they helped more than 10,000+ underprivileged people in Chhattisgarh by providing them groceries and food packets. Not only this, but the NGO also distributed PPE kits to barbers so that they could maintain proper hygiene and social distance while performing their duties. They believe that the idea is not about how much money is spent to help those in need but to give time to them and understand their problems. Yash Tuteja says we should first listen to their circumstances and assure them of the help they need.

Currently, Yash Tuteja dedicatedly works towards the betterment of all those in need and we aspire to support and help a larger mass in near future.

He is looked upon as a philanthropist, leader, and entrepreneur. He makes constant appearances in the media such as interviews, other digital platforms, etc. He was recently awarded the Chhattisgarh Ratna Award 2021. His vision has become a movement of change in the Salon Industry in Central India. Yash Tuteja believes, there can be no shortcuts to building long-term relationships with their clients, and to achieve it, the salon thrives to provide quality services to meet their client's expectations.