Social worker turned actor Shoaibe Dhebar says empathy is the key characteristic everyone must have

Shoaibe Dhebar

The heroes you look up to are mostly the ones who you see on screen. Well, in the correct sense they are the actors doing their job. The real heroes are the ones who are working on the ground and winning everyone's heart around. Shoaib Dhebar, a social worker turned actor has time and again put his best foot forward by contributing towards noble causes in association with NGOs and charitable trusts. The actor who has just begun his journey has been a part of many music videos. Dhebar believes in working silently when it comes to social works.

A true Indian patriot, for Shoaibe his country comes above everything. To promote peace all over the country, his mission is to curb poverty, corruption, nature exploitation, animal cruelty, and ill acts like rapes from the country. "Issues like these need to be addressed and we all must come together to eradicate these wrongdoings from the country", says the actor. Earlier, the social worker had led a tree plantation drive to make people aware of the increasing pollution levels in the country.

According to him, the planet must be preserved which we humans have lately exploited by throwing garbage and contaminating land and the water bodies. By his works, he is leading the way towards the betterment and the upliftment of the country as a whole. A nature enthusiast, Shoaibe has given his all when it comes to contributing towards the development of the country. His desire for transforming India into a safe India is pretty evident with the works Dhebar has been doing.

Bridging problems with all the solutions, the social worker says that being empathetic towards a person or a situation is the key characteristic. "Whoever you help and deal with, make sure to be kind and always show your empathy towards them. I have learned to be compassionate and will always stick to my roots despite wanting to make a career in acting", said Shoaibe Dhebar.
The actor is gradually executing all his plans and we hope that his contribution pays off in uplifting India on an international scale.