Social Worker Abdul Qadir wants to treat patients free of cost

Abdul Qadir

Abdul Qadir is 23 years old MBBS student who wants to become a great physician as well as a social worker. The inspiration towards this goal was acquired from Mr. Liyaqat Ali, who is also a social worker. He belongs from a small village, named Mahul, which is in the district Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh.

Abdul Qadir aspires to become a doctor in 2022, and he wants to change society. Social worker Abdul Qadir wants to become one of those great physicians who did not forget their birthplace after getting a good job with a high paying salary. Being a social worker was a childhood dream for the physician Abdul Qadir. It is one of the reasons behind choosing this noble job of a physician also.

After he completed his schooling, he went to Kota, Rajasthan to prepare for NEET-UG all India based entrance test to become a physician. Dreaming is easy, but making it possible is the hardest phase of life. After two years of hard work, he managed to secure a seat in a Private Medical College. Many physicians have come out of their village Mahul, after getting a good position in metro cities, but Abdul Qadir is the only gem of Mahul, who wants to stay in the village. He has decided to serve the poor people from the ground level.

Social worker Abdul Qadir does not want to forget his roots in the midst of the chaotic life of the cities. He has distributed basic ration to more than 1500 families during the crisis of the COVID19 pandemic. When the whole world was mourning due to the widespread viral disease he came out to the street to stand with the needy people. When most of the people turned into an egocentric community, then Abdul Qadir represented himself as an altruistic social worker. He distributed rice, pulses, medicines, sugar, oil, salt, and other essentials. His motive and goal are very simple, and he wants to live that simple life with great impact.

Mr. Liyaqat Ali is an uncle as well as a mentor and advisor of Abdul Qadir. He gives the major credit to this great person behind accomplishing his dream. Both he and his uncle are famous social workers. Along with becoming a good physician, he always wanted to help others, and this pandemic of 2020, gave him a chance to prove his ability. Social worker and Physician Abdul Qadir is an inspiration to young India.

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