Social Media Unloads on George W. Bush After His Freudian Slip-Up Condemning 'Brutal' Iraq Invasion

In a major verbal slip-up, former President George W. Bush referred to Ukraine as Iraq, while criticizing the Russian invasion orchestrated by Vladimir Putin.

Bush,75, was speaking at an event in Southern Methodist University's George W. Bush Institute, at Dallas on Wednesday.

Bush was trolled soon after his gaffe was shared on social media. The gaffe brought back "distressing memories" of the US invasion of Iraq led by Bush as the commander in chief.

Bush in his speech referred to the Iraq invasion as "brutal" and "wholly unjustified" which despite a slip-of-tongue is true to the core, stated a large section of social media followers. The followers also stated that it was a confession made by Bush.

George W. Bush

Bush's Mention of Iraq in His Speech; A Freudian Slip

Though Bush had immediately corrected himself blaming the slip up on his age but it was not enough to dissuade his detractors from reprimanding him.

Trying to be funny about his slip-up, Bush also squinted and grinned which further infuriated his critics who lambasted him for joking about "Iraq War" that had killed hundreds of American soldiers in addition to innocent civilians of the invaded country.

A faction of followers have even stated that Bush's mention of Iraq in his speech was a "Freudian Slip" and he knows that he is war criminal just like Vladimir Putin.

A twitter user expressed his resentment against the former president stating, "George W. Bush joked about invading Iraq tonight... what a trash person. How many Americans were sent to die by him for a lie? Disgusting."

"I'm not laughing & I am guessing nor are the families of the 1000s of American troops & the 100s of 1000s of Iraqis who died in that war." My response to George W. Bush's bizarre Freudian slip, confusing Ukraine & Iraq, while hosting #MSNBCPrime tonight:" read a tweet.

Another Twitter user shared his views adding, "George W Bush, did the #Best thing that has #Ever happened. I don't believe I am exaggerating when I say that. "...the decision of ONE man to #Launch a #Wholly #Unjustified & #Brutal #Invasion of #Iraq." Did G@d make him say that?"