Social media reacts to 'Me Too' movement: A collective catharsis of sexual abuse

It all started with the Harvey Weinstein scandal, when multiple women accused the Hollywood producer of rape and sexual assault.

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A normal Monday turned into a storm of movement on social media, with people suddenly posting personal life incidents. By evening, the new trend had taken over, flooding walls and news feeds with a trending hashtag: #MeToo. Do you wonder what it is about? Let me explain.

It all started with the Harvey Weinstein scandal, when multiple women accused the Hollywood producer of rape and sexual assault. The incidents came to light much after they had happened, raising the question of women's safety and security. The first step in dealing with a problem is making people aware that you have a problem. Hence, the "me too" campaign.

The movement was started by actress Alyssa Milano, who urged women to comment "me too" if they have ever faced sexual harassment. Trending on Facebook and Twitter, #metoo has had a global impact, garnering half a million tweets in 24 hours. The movement has also spread to Facebook, with thousands of users talking openly about the harassment they have faced in life.

People have argued on social media that simply talking about the problem does not bring a solution, however, it has also been repeatedly pointed out that awareness is the first step towards resolution. If the movement can influence one person who stubbornly denies the extent of sexual crimes, it can be considered a win.

During a time when people assert their opinions freely over social media, trends are the most convenient way to spread your message. The same situation was seen when men were tweeting #NotAllMen, in response to the male gender being blamed universally for sexual harassment.

The movement has evoked deep reactions from Twitterati, with some people sharing their experiences and urging others to do so. Check out some of the Tweets below:

On Facebook, too, deep revelations and heartfelt experiences were recounted with the hashtag.

Men for #MeToo

Sexual harassment is not confined to one gender; this has been irrevocably proven by men who have come forward in what was primarily a women's movement, to share their own accounts of sexual abuse. Their confessions have broken gender stereotypes, highlighting the fact that abuse and harassment can happen to anyone and anywhere.

Taking up arms with the women, men have displayed how a cause can surpass the age-old gender war by bringing mutual support and solidarity. Be it men who have realised sexual assault is real and much more common than they realise or the ones who have come forward with their own experiences, the movement seems to have touched all.

Check out these brave men who have spoken up on Twitter.

#Metoo for men reached Facebook as well.