Social Entrepreneur Seema Singh shares her thoughts on 3rd wave of Covid-19

Seema Singh

Seema Singh is a prominent social- entrepreneur who is helping the poor of India. Hailing from Mumbai she is the founder of Meghashrey NGO. The aim of her life has been to help the underprivileged and provide them a better platform.

During Covid-19 she helped the people by providing masks, hand sanitizers and energy drinks. 'With the 3rd wave knocking at our door, it is our duty to stay safe and keep others safe. I would request the people to wash their hands thoroughly and wear masks diligently. Please keep your children safe as the third wave is said to hamper the children's most. Look out that they don't eat junk food a lot and wash their hands each time.

Also if you are capable please look out for your neighbours and your dear ones', said Seema Singh.

She has actively helped the poor and the destitute of Mumbai. Along with her NGO Meghashrey she has brought comfort to the life of many. 'I believe there is nothing wrong with sharing or giving. If I have much then I can happily share it with those who have nothing or few', said Seema Singh. She has been into this for the past several years and doing this brings immense joy to her.