Social Distancing and Masks Ignored as Partygoers Have Fun at Nightclub in Florida [VIDEO]

The deadly virus outbreak has created a major stir around the world in recent times and Florida is one of the major affected states in the US

A nightclub located in a coronavirus or COVID-19 hotspot hosted a rave with a huge number of people as most of them were not wearing masks. Gilt Nightclub in Orlando, Florida held a huge crowd on Saturday as the bass music blasted with people dancing without maintaining any social distancing.

Prominent DJ Ghastly performed as videos of the event started circulating on social media showing that most of the crowd were not wearing masks. The venue had advertised the night with a limited capacity, temperature checks on entry, and also social distancing, and masks were needed.

Social Distancing Not Maintained at Party

Nightclub Twitter Grab/@BrvmesMusic

A man named Franky Martinez visited Orlando for the weekend as he told the Metro that the show was fun but also agreed that there was a risk in hosting an event like that during a pandemic. "It was definitely crowded. I can understand some people still feel iffy, but I'm healthy and live alone. Someone not like me shouldn't be going to crowded places," he said as reported by Metro.

The man mentioned that his temperature was checked at thwe door and the majority of the staff were wearing face masks but not all. Martinez said many had to put it off for drinking. He believes in the science of social distancing and wearing masks but also stated that it is tough to maintain when it comes to venues. "Just because he's a famous DJ doesn't mean he isn't struggling. What if the venue didn't open and host the event? They're still losing money and might close," he said.

He urged people t take the virus outbreak seriously and mentioned that his mother came down with the virus a few months back. He said that the situation is really scary but it is tough for everyone to stay inside for so long and do nothing.

Martinez also claimed that he had taken two coronavirus tests after the night and has no symptoms. The venue conducted a show in June when three employees tested positive. However, they are not breaking any law as the Florida Governor Ron Desantis has already announced the end of the social distancing rules. The virus is currently spreading like wildfire as researchers fear that the cases will again start to increase during the winter. An effective vaccine is expected by the first quarter of 2021.

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