Soccer: Should Have Been Ballon d'Or Winner, Feels Robert Lewandowski

The 32-year-old Lewandowski became the top scorer of the Bundesliga and Champions League

Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski said on Saturday that if the Ballon d'Or wasn't canceled, he should have been given a reward as he won everything this season. In the Saturday interview for the Polish paper Przeglad Sportowy, Lewandowski told how he had reacted after the information that there will be no winner this year, reports Xinhua news agency.

"If the organizers didn't cancel the Ballon d'Or, I should have been the winner. I won everything this year. Winning the Champions League was my greatest dream and I achieved it. I'm really proud of that. In the final game against PSG, I didn't score but I worked really hard for my team," he said.

Robert Lewandowski
Robert Lewandowski Wikimedia Commons

Canceled Vote

Lewandowski had a perfect season to win the treble with Bayern Munich. The 32-year-old became the top scorer of the Bundesliga and Champions League. He was believed to be a strong favorite to win Ballon d'Or.

However, the France Football magazine canceled the vote due to the COVID-19 pandemic in June. In the Champions League final, Bayern beat PSG 1-0 thanks to Kingsley Coman's goal from the second half.

Future Objectives

"PSG created their chances but I knew that we would win this match. After finding the net, we had everything under control. In the final phase of the match, Philippe Coutinho and Ivan Perisic came in and the opponent got a message that we will put the pressure on them until the end. We felt that It could be our year for a long time," explained the Poland captain.

The player also talked about his next objectives. "We would like to lift the European Supercup and German Supercup. The more you have, the more you want. We have a young, strong team. It seems to me that none of us will be satisfied with what we just won," said the attacker.