A Sneak Peek Into Rachid El Khabbachi's Personal Life

Rachid El Khabbachi

With diverse work experience and an enthusiastic attitude towards work, Rachid El Khabbachi, despite having the honor of being one of the most famous lifestyle influencers and self-made businessmen, aims to shift the gear from being a millionaire to billionaire and making life better for the underprivileged.

Knowing what poverty feels like, Rachid El Khabbachi, who is now well-known as JM, grew up with a kind heart wishing to make a difference and help people with what he once went through. Dreaming of making life better for his family and helping the needy, Khabbachi grew into an inspiration for many.

JM grew up in poverty, witnessing hunger, and helplessness that it brings along. He knew that only he could take himself and his family out of the dark times. With firm faith in himself, he followed the path of passion and worked day and night to bless his family with the lifestyle worth striving for.

Starting as a street fighter in Germany and later joining combat sports Khabbachi earned massive respect in Europe, possessing the honor of being one of the biggest talents in the continent.

With a business mind and an aggressive approach towards success, Richad El Kabbachi tried his luck at starting a real estate business and, statistics show that he was not wrong in taking this move. With the rapidly growing business and tremendous profits, Khabbachi became confident enough to buy shares in different companies and further invest money in trade of gold and diamonds.

Rachid has been successful in all the business moves he made, a clear indication of which is the social media blogging that he stepped in.

"My dream now is to become a billionaire and make life bearable for the poor. I want to help people survive poverty and be the kind of light in their lives that I spent my childhood waiting for." With an inspirational success story and heart touching intentions, Rachid El Khabbachi sets an example for all.