After releasing a few gender-swapping filters this year, Snapchat has launched an augmented-reality lens to let you feel like having time-travel. The new lens will morph your face in real-time, helping you to become a toddler or a century-old granny, whichever you prefer. The filter looks quite identical to FaceApp's screen, which similarly allows the users to have a decade old look.

The new lens will be unleashed today globally and expected to get hugely appreciated from the millions of snap fans. The FaceApp challenge made the filter widely popular among millennials and Gen-Z. To use the new lens, all you need to do is open the Snapchat app. Once the front camera turns on, all you required to do is turn on the smiley face icon.

Representational Image

You will see numerous filters on display, choose Time Machine. Ensure the feature is turned on by selecting the grumpy old face. Now use the slider to get a glimpse of your adolescent or old-age look. If you find any transformation funny, you can convert it into a snap, or you can also snap the entire timeline to share in your timeline.

You can also record a video of it by pressing the arrow appears in the lower-left corner of the Snapchat window and archive it to photo album. Later you can share the same in other social media networks like Facebook, Instagram or TikTok.

Word of caution

While many of these apps are harmless, there are a few that pose a significant risk to children and you are hereby cautioned to take care that it does not fall into your child's hands. Snapchat, may seem innocent from outside but can be extremely harmful as it has noholds barred on users. Often, Snapchat as a messaging app that allows users to send pictures, videos and text messages to a selected group of recipients, is misused.