Smartphone toilet wipes from NTT Docomo grab eyeballs at Japanese airport

The cleanliness advice is being offered by a helpful video to educate people.

Smartphone toilet wipes grab eyeballs at Japanese Airport
A man demonstrates a toilet roll for wiping smartphones, installed by Japanese mobile phone company NTT Docomo, in a high-tech bathroom equipped with bidet and heated seat at Narita international airport in Narita, Japan, December 28, 2016. Reuters

Japan has a very high regard to hygiene and encourages its people to wipe their phones while on the toilet to keep their handsets clean. According to a report from CNN, NTT Docomo, one of Japan's leading telecommunications company, was the first to think of using a separate swipe sheet for smartphones Narita International Airport in Tokyo.

"Japanese toilets are praised world-wide and we wanted to place something like this in our toilets. The toilet may be the very first place people visit after they arrive at the airport, and we wanted them to enjoy Japan while wiping their phones," spokesman Yosuke Chikamura told Reuters.

According to a study for a weekly Japanese magazine, smartphones can have five times more germs than toilets seats. The public toilet seats are regularly cleaned but most smartphones aren't. The cleanliness advice is being offered by a helpful video that shows an extremely easy step-by-step guide on how to wipe the screen with the sheets.

"I wasn't sure exactly how helpful as far as wiping the phone, because it didn't seem like, moist or anything. It was kind of dry, but as far as like the information on it, I think that's pretty helpful for tourists, because you're just sitting on the toilet and it's like a moment where you can just kind of look at information," tourist Brian Ombonga said.

This latest hygiene technique grabbed a lot of eye ballsespecially tourists and had their varied reactions.