SMARTFACTORY4U achieved SME Excellence Business Award 2021/22

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Soumen Biswas

GC Apparels/SMARTFACTORY4U is a sourcing studio that provides online retailers with a one-stop solution for clothing manufacturing. The studio's trendy and fashionable apparel are designed, manufactured, and shipped out entirely from its end, giving online retailers the convenience of dealing with a single supplier for their desired products. With eminent international clients worldwide, GC Apparels/SMARTFACTORY4U continues to mark itself out as one of the standout sourcing studios in the market.

Founded in 2017 by Soumen Biswas, the idea for GC Apparels was hatched when Soumen was working in a reputable sourcing company in China and handling the account of Zalando, a German company that is said to have started the e-commerce boom in fashion. "Being at a company which many considered a pioneer in fashion e-commerce gave me deep insight into how the industry operated," says Soumen Biswas. "What I realised was that private online retailers found it difficult to do business with factories as they tend to want retailers to order in large bulks. This was at odds with an e-commerce business model, which prefers to order a diverse range of products in low quantities."

"We broke the mould with GC Apparels, in that we have a low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). This allows e-retailers to widen their range of products while keeping the order quantity of each product small. This is undoubtedly more efficient."

Since efficiency is the name of the game, and GC Apparels' one-stop service is a large part of its appeal to e-retailers. The studio handles the designing process for clients who do not have in-house designers and does so with a keen eye on fashion trends. Statistical data is used to stay ahead of the curve so that GC Apparels' designs are always in line with the tastes and preferences of the masses. When coupled with the excellent design skills of its in-house designers, GC Apparels' clothes appear tailored made for the modern individual.

GC Apparels utilises 3D designing software to conceptualise its sleek clothing. Instead of using actual fabrics to create multiple iterations of design mock-ups, 3D designing software enables designers to come up with virtual renditions of their design with lifelike accuracy, which enables the design process to be quicker and more cost-effective. It also plays into the studio's commitment to sustainability as it reduces the amount of fabric waste generated. All of GC Apparels' products are produced in compliance factories with BSCI & SEDEX certifications and make use of organic and sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, recycled polyester and many more.

"Sustainability is a core tenet of our business," says Soumen. "We are one of the few sourcing studios in Asia which offer sustainable products at a low MOQ."

The uniqueness of GC Apparels meant that e-commerce companies quickly took notice.
Soumen has come far with GC Apparels, but he is by no means ready to rest on his laurels - he has ambitions of working with all the top e-commerce players. And while those are lofty dreams indeed, Soumen is more than eager to give it his best shot and make smartfactory4u is the most favoured destination for private label production for online retailers.

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