Smart Work Equals Success: Reeve Yew's Captivating Career in Funnel Building

Reeve Yew

No matter what type of business you have, your target audience won't know about your product or service without proper marketing. An effective marketing strategy is crucial to boost sales volume. Reeve Yew knows about this all too well.

During his early teens, Reeve started to learn about online marketing by trying out drop shipping. He not only invested his time in learning about different marketing strategies but also developing sales funnels that aligned with these strategies.

One of his first stints as an entrepreneur was when he started reselling imported Chinese products. Just 15 at the time, Reeve was raking in nearly $2,500 every month. In retrospect, Reeve says that this experience fueled his enthusiasm to know more about digital marketing.

Working smart

Despite achieving early success, Reeve refused to settle. He continued to be a student of the game, arming himself with knowledge and experience as much as he could. According to Reeve, he was fortunate for understanding the importance of working smart because it allowed him to maximize his time and increase his efficiency without compromising the quality of his projects.

Reeve was also privileged for getting sponsorship from the Malaysian Government to take up a Bachelor of Science in Business Management at King's College London. Not one to waste such an opportunity, Reeve made the most of it despite making ends meet. To support his education, he self-taught himself programming and started to offer landing page building services to clients.

His technical knowledge earned him an Apple scholarship at WWDC in San Francisco. He was recognized there as one of the best developers in 2015. Reeve also won multiple hackathons while learning about digital marketing, such as the Dropbox London Hackathon, Hackathon London, HackTrain, and Oxford's Hackathon.

Reeve always wanted to monetize his web development skills so that he could pay for his education. His experience in building websites helped him create landing pages for international clients, from which he made a profit of $27,302 in just 3 months.

But life wasn't as easy for Reeve during his early days. He went through a challenging period when he encountered an empty box scam where he lost a lot of money he made earlier. Reeve even started a talent outsourcing website, but it didn't prove profitable. He had to close the site down eventually.

The turning point in his life came when he and his brother Jackson decided to start Funnel Duo Media. They co-founded the company, and Reeve managed to share his digital marketing expertise with hundreds of clients. Now, they make a 6-figure revenue consistently every month.

Reeve's discovery in digital marketing

During his days of learning about digital marketing, Reeve came across a technique called SEO Imitation Framework, where you note down what your competitors are doing and develop a strategy to overtake their success in the same field.

Reeve came up with actionable strategies that would allow his plans to come to life. He carefully observed the marketing strategies that his competitors followed and then applied the same techniques with various modifications for his own site. This trick worked so well for Reeve that he now uses the same strategy for his Funnel Duo Media clients. Reeve is now the company's traffic generation specialist, helping clients achieve new heights with increased sales volumes.

Scaling his company

Reeve's knowledge and experience in digital marketing was the reason for the quick success of Funnel Duo Media. It gave Reeve and his brother the opportunity to work with eminent marketers like Mike Dillard, Brad Lea, and Frank Kern. The company initially focused on developing landing pages but soon started offering digital marketing services and business consultation.

Reeve's hands-on experience in developing websites and digital marketing from an early age helped him contribute majorly to his company. His decision to handpick SEO, funnel design, and traffic generation specialists for his company enabled Funnel Duo Media to provide unmatched results in sales volume for its clients.