SM Entertainment has issued an official notice debarring its fans from sending any gifts to its newly introduced band unit, NCT U. The entertainment agency announced that it will not accept any form of gifts including birthday presents, lunches, or funds from the well-wishers.

On 9 June, the staff in-charge of rookie group NCT U stated: "We thank all of the fans who cheer on NCT. We've made a final decision regarding all of your questions to support NCT, in that we will not accept any support or birthday gifts."

The representatives added: "If there are any forms of support that you have prepared, we will kindly refuse, thanking you for your kind gesture, so even though you may be disappointed, please understand and follow our request. The members of NCT will do their best to repay you by putting all of your love and adoration for NCT in their hearts, and promote diligently. Thank you again to all the fans who cheer on NCT."

Reportedly, after the announcement, NCT's fans were disappointed. As per Allkpop, the fans expressed their unhappiness and wished that the agency should have told them sooner. A fan quoted to the media outlet: "Now we have to return and refund all of the support and funds raised."

NCT is the first boy group launched by S.M. Entertainment since the debut of EXO in 2012. Its first sub-unit, NCT U, which launched on 6 April with their first single, consist of six members.