Sleepy Joe: Social Media Erupts as Biden Caught Sleeping During COP26 Opening Speeches

A video clip in which U.S. President Joe Biden 'appears' to be sleeping during the climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, has gone viral on social media. #SleepyJoe was once again on Twitter as many netizens said, "That's our sleepy Joe, living up to his nickname."

President's Brief Nap

The incident happened on Monday at COP26 opening speeches. The President appeared to fall asleep as he was listening to an orator discuss the historical importance of the event and how the conference can have the "power to make decisions and reach agreements which will affect the lives of generations to come."

The commander-in-chief shut his eyes for roughly eight seconds, before opening them briefly and then closing them again for 21 seconds. He was appearing to drift in and out of sleep.

The Washington Post reporter Zach Purser Brown uploaded the video on his Twitter account. Biden, who sat with his arms crossed, opened his eyes when an aide came over to stir him awake. He whispered something into the President's ear. Biden, who was wearing a blue suit and a black face mask, was also seen wiping his eyes. He then applauded the opening speaker. Soon, the video of 'sleepy Joe' went viral.

Joe Biden appeared to fall asleep during the opening speeches of the COP26 Climate Summit
Joe Biden appeared to fall asleep during the opening speeches of the COP26 Climate Summit Twitter

Donald Trump Reacts

Former President Donald Trump didn't miss the opportunity to mock Biden for appearing to take a quick nap. "Biden went to Europe saying Global Warming is his highest priority, and then promptly fell asleep, for all the world to see, at the Conference itself," Trump said, according to the New York Post. He continued, "Nobody that has true enthusiasm and belief in a subject will ever fall asleep!" The Former President has frequently referred to Biden as "Sleepy Joe".

This is not the first time that #SleepyJoe was trending on Twitter. There was a same buzz on the internet during Biden's meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett in August, 2021.

Social Media Erupts as Biden Looks Asleep

Social media posts were flooded with posts mocking the President. One user said, "Sleepy Joe in full effect." Another said, "Trump was right again...Sleepy Joe." One comment read, "Why stay awake when you're just a puppet." Another comment read, " #SleepyJoeBiden is so concerned about climate change he can barely keep himself... awake."

One person commented, "Y'all voted for this 9,000-year-old man."

"It is called excessive daytime sleepiness, a common medical symptom, linked to cognitive impairment and cardiovascular disease amongst others. Not a picture of health I am afraid," tweeted one user.

On the other hand, some Biden supporters justified their favorite President's actions. One user wrote, "Not sleeping! He listens better with his eyes closed. You can all see him nodding agreement with the speaker." Another said, "This whole event would put most to sleep tbf."