Sleep-deprived driver behind pedestrian woman's death gets 3-month jail term

60-year-old man arrested in Singapore

Galistan Aidan Glyn, a 28-year-old Singaporean man has been given three months jail term and five-year driving ban for causing the death of a pedestrian woman after his car hit Serene Ng Tsui Hong on the morning of August 25, 2017.

The court during the hearing heard that Galistan Asian Glyn had been out all night with his friends, and had not slept for at least 20 hours when the accident took place.

The victim of the accident, Serene Ng Tsui Hong left home on August 25 with the intention of carrying out the voluntary work she had taken. The civil servant had even carried the art materials intended for the children she was working with. However, she never reached the desired destination, as the car driven by Glyn hit the 42-year-old Serene.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Senthilkumaran Sabapathy informed the court that Glyn had gone out with friends and stayed up all night. After having breakfast at around 06.45 AM, he drove his friends back to their houses at Seletar and Stevens Road. The accident took place when Glyn was driving back to his home.

The Deputy Public Prosecutor argued that Glyn had driven the vehicle for a considerable distance even after being sleep deprived, thus endangering the lives of other road users as well as his friends to whom he had given a lift.

After the sentence was pronounced, Serene's elder brother Ng Chin Khoon expressed his dissatisfaction over Glyn's sentence. Ng Chin Khoon argued that the driver is operating a killer machine if he is not in a condition to operate a car.

"If I'm not in a condition to operate a car, I am operating a killing machine. How can he drive the vehicle? He should be disqualified for life," said Ng Chin Khoon, Yahoo News reports.

Ng also revealed that Glyn attended Serene's funeral, and added that the culprit behaved in a very aggressive manner when questioned over the circumstances surrounding the incident.

However, Glyn apologized for his actions before the court.