Sky Clinic Dental Centre creates waves of positive change in Dubai's dentistry world.

Sky Clinic

No matter how much ever we talk about a few businesses and companies doing tremendously well in their journeys, starting everything from the ground up, it still feels like much more discussions are needed around them for the world to know their genius. It is also essential to know more about these geniuses, for their stories have the power to infuse the right motivation and inspiration in many other up-and-comers in their industries. This is precisely what Sky Clinic Dental Centre did as a one-of-a-kind dental clinic founded by three expert doctors Dr Rabih Abi Nader (Medical Director Specialist Implantologist & Oral Surgeon), Dr Maximilian Riewer (the CEO) and Dr Rabih Mahfouz (Partner and Specialist Orthodontist) in 2013.

Ask them how their journey has been so far in the ever-so-competitive dental sector in Dubai, and they highlight that there were several challenges that they faced like any other growing business in the industry. Their main challenge was getting clients and paying customers. Initially, they had a low patient flow, but gradually with providing quality services consistently, word-of-mouth increased, and patients kept coming in. All this could get possible with the best possible treatments and never compromising on their quality services from dental implants, root canal, tooth/wisdom tooth extraction, clear aligners, traditional braces, veneers, crowns and bridges, teeth whitening, to pediatric treatments, dentures, onlay and inlay, full mouth rehabilitation, TMJ treatments and lingual braces.

We further asked them if there are any factors that help the clinic stand distinctive from the rest, to which the founders say that they believe their USP is their extremely friendly staff and doctors who ensure that from the first correspondence with the clinic to the treatment itself and for the post-treatment procedures, each patient gets the personalized treatment and is taken care of no matter how big or small the procedure is. Sky Clinic Dental Centre is the sister concern clinic of Dubai Sky Clinic which has been operating since 2007 in Burjuman Centre. It has grown as a team with eight dentists already and is also well-equipped with cutting-edge dental equipment that takes the patients' 3D Panoramic X-rays and Intraoral scans.

They are proud of how well the industry has transformed over the years, optimizing the latest tech advancements. For e.g., with virtual reality, doctors can virtually perform the treatment in advance to be aware of the possible outcomes and challenges associated with that particular treatment which can be avoided by taking necessary steps.

Sky Clinic Dental Centre has thrived by adopting the latest tech advancements and trends associated with the respective dental treatments.