Skinny Bob: Alien UFO Pilot Who Came From 40 Light-Years Away Was Filmed By Russia's KGB, Claims Report (WATCH)

Alien enthusiasts have seen a number of pictures and video evidences of aliens and UFOs but among them, the clearest look at extraterrestrials came from the video of Skinny Bob, who was said to be part of a diplomatic mission from another planet and was filmed by Soviet scientists.

The footage that first emerged in 2011 shows the creature, who has huge black eyes and a bulging skull. The video, which was posted on Reddit by user Ivan 0135, is claimed to be recorded by the Russian spy agency, KGB.

Skinny Bob
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KGB Made a Video Of Skinny Bob

The agency is believed to have recorded the video after a ship from the Zeta Reticuli star system landed in Russia. "Skinny Bob" was said to be part of a diplomatic mission from a planet some 40 light-years away sent to discuss "matters of mutual concern," reported Daily Star.

Skinny Bob Came To Discuss Matters Of Mutual Concerns

UFO enthusiasts have also stated that the video of Skinny Bob gives a clear picture of an extraterrestrial. But doubts were also raised over the credibility of the video as the creature look quiet and had similarities with humans.

Some claims were also made that aliens can never make contact from a distance of 40 light-years away.

Critics Claimed Video Could Be Fake

If the video is believed to be fake, then someone would have needed a really advanced level of technological expertise, claimed video effects artist Randy Sharp. But so far no one has tried to make money from the video, which could have cost more than $250,000 in making if it's actually created.

Skinny Bob Looks Like The Sort of Alien, Claimed UFO Expert

But an expert underlined that Skinny Bob looked like an actual alien. "Skinny Bob looks like the sort of alien we might expect to march out of a flying saucer or the type allegedly recovered at Roswell," or the Mekon from 50s cartoon strip Dan Dare," UFO expert Nigel Watson told Daily Star.

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