Siwan on his acting: 'I tried to think of ways to fix these flaws'

Siwan will be seen in upcoming film One Line.

Siwan will be seen in upcoming film One Line Twitter/siwan_zea

South Korean singer/actor Im Siwan has opened up about his acting career. The 28-year-old member of the South Korean boyband ZE:A revealed he works hard to improve his acting skills.

During an interview for his upcoming film One Line, he shared: "I always felt disappointed after watching my projects. I noticed that my acting lacked in a lot of ways, and there were many times when I felt like I could've done better."

"In the past, my acting was quite forced. I put into every line more meaning than I had to. It was excessive and even seemed a bit fake at times. I tried to think of ways to fix these flaws, and it was during this process that I was able to grow," he added.

Adding on, Siwan talked about his experience for shooting the latest film. He said: "I would've panicked in the past, but through this scene, I was able to show good results for the first time since changing my way of acting."

"I felt a lot less stressed while filming 'One Line' compared to when I filmed 'Thinking of My Brother.' I also got more comfortable with my way of thinking. In the past, I tried really hard to draw a line between the 'real Im Siwan' and the 'celebrity Im Siwan,' but I let it go now. Instead of molding myself into a fixed frame, I tell myself that I am worthy of love as long as I maintain a bright and healthy mindset," he revealed.