SISTAR's disbanding, Starship Entertainment confirms: Members' handwritten notes explain the reason

Starship Empire confirmed stating, "It has been decided that SISTAR will be officially disbanding."

After seven years, SISTAR will officially be disbanding, confirmed the Starship Entertainment. SISTAR debuted in June 2010 and they signed a contract for 7 years together and as the contract will be coming to an end shortly, the group declared that they'll be disbanding.

This came as a shock to the fans as Hyorin, Bora, Soyou and Dasom will no longer be a group under "SISTAR".

According to Koreaboo, Starship Empire confirmed stating, "It has been decided that SISTAR will be officially disbanding. However, we are still under talks with the members regarding contract renewals."

Further explaining the situation, each of the members revealed in a handwritten note as to why they are disbanding. Hyorin, Bora, Soyou and Dasom thanked their fans for the 7 years they have been together, since they debuted in 2010.

Koreaboo mentioned that the SISTAR's Leader Hyorin wrote in the note, "To all the STAR1s who have loved and supported SISTAR, this is SISTAR's leader Hyorin. It's already been 7 years since SISTAR debuted and the time I spent as Hyorin of SISTAR with the members and the fans was priceless and like a dream. The members of SISTAR have chosen to continue on a new path to move onto our second stage in life."

Hyroin further thanked the fans added by writing, "With great sadness, we will continue to support each other and grow and show you a better side of us. The members and STAR1 will forever be in my heart and thank you for giving me more love than I deserve. I thank you with all my heart, and I love you."

Soyou wrote, "Looking back, I feel saddened and sorry that we didn't get to spend as much time with our fans. No matter how I present myself on whatever stage, I will never forget my love for our members and fans. I love you .... I'm sorry ... and thank you. I'll be releasing good music Fighting, everyone, until the very end."

Dasom started by writing that she has got so much to say but doesn't know how to start. She continued stating, "I just want to say thank you to everyone who supported us throughout all these years. Thanks to the continued love and support, we were able to continue as SISTAR for such a long time. It is with a heavy heart that I say that we will be disbanding after this album."

She concluded by saying that she wishes that their fan will support them with their individual activities as well.

Bora too stated that the time the SISTAR members have spent with Star1 were very good and happy times and mentioned that she is sad, "It seems like I have reached further out than my efforts have shown. I feel more and more sad that I wasn't able to show an even better side of myself during SISTAR's promotions."

She further added saying, "Now, the members will all be going their separate ways, I will be cheering for them. But it's not like you all won't ever see me. In the future, I will put in the effort to show a good image of myself as Yoon Bora."

Koreaboo also reported that despite this news, Starship Entertainment teased that the SISTAR will be making a comeback on May 31.