Sistar members talk about fame and success on SBS show

Kim Dasom and Soyou appeared on SBS show Have You Eaten? .

South Korean girl group Sistar members have opened up how does it feel being in the spotlight. During an appearance on SBS show Have You Eaten? Kim Dasom and Soyou talked about their experience being in the girl band since seven years.

Dasom said: "I have many worries about how to be happy. Any girl group member would probably be able to relate. Even though I can be satisfied with how I'm living now, it always seems like I have to be chasing something, and it's hard to ease the greed of trying not to be forgotten or trying to shine among other people. I would be comfortable if I can only let go of that greed, but it's not easy."

Adding on, Soyou confessed how the online negative feedback affects her. She revealed: "I read all the malicious comments, and there are many bad ones like those saying I look like a bad person. I don't have to read if I don't like them, but it's hard to let go of them."

Sistar released their much awaited mini album titled Insane Love on 21 June.