Stars Bora and Sunggyu were recently caught flirting on Instagram. Bora and Sunggyu were spotted leaving flirtatious comments on each others' Instagram posts.

According to Koreaboo, it all started with Sungyeol's selfie which he uploaded on his Instagram account in celebration of INFINITE's 7th anniversary.

INFINITE's Sungyeol captioned it writing, "It's been so long my selfies look awkward You've waited a lot, right Inspirits Thank you for our 7th anniversary and I love you"

Sunggyu commented on Sungyeol's selfie agreeing to the fact that his selfie looked really awkward and gave some tips.

Sunggyu wrote, "It's really awkward"

Further went on to say, "Want me to show you what a real selfie is?^^"

Shortly after which he uploaded his own selfie advicing Sungyeol, "Selfies must always have filters ^^ #Sungyeol #DoBetter"

SISTAR's Bora comes in then who didn't seem to agree with his comment and started poking fun at Sunggyu. Bora commented, "This filter's bad, are you sure Sungyeol didn't win???ㅋㅋ"

Sunggyu didn't back out rather commented, "Do you have nothing to do? #IfI'mCute just tell me I'm cute my friend"

To which Bora left a humorous reply, "Aww that's what you wanted? You wanted to be a gwiyomi??"

The playful banter ended with Bora thanking Sunggyu for entertaining her all this while.

In other news, Girl group SISTAR disbanded after seven years. It is reported that SISTAR members Hyorin and Soyou is planning to continue as a singer, Bora and Dasom however wishes to work on both music and acting in future.