Singer Yoo Seung Jun faces the wrath of netizens making his return album bleak

Yoo Seung Jun
Yoo Seung Jun YouTube grab

Yoo Seung Jun has revealed that he will be releasing an album for the first time in 11 years which will also be his comeback after 17 years to Korea.

The singer has reportedly participated in the writing of all the tracks in the upcoming album consisting of various genres. Yoo Seung Jun announced to launch his title track "Another Day" on November 22 before the release of the full album the proceeds of which have been said to go to a noble cause.

However, the news of the album launch and the singer's re-entry has not been received well by netizens. The singer had prepared a mini album containing 5 tracks and has reportedly filmed the music video in the US. The album was slated to release on December 5 with his title track "Another Day" set to release on November 22. However, due to the social backlash, Yoo Seung Jun's record label has withdrawn from the distribution of his new album

Although Yoo Seung Jun enjoyed the No.1 status in the late 90's to early 2K, the singer lost his charm due to his military drafting scandal which banned his entry into South Korea and detested by his fans.

Yoo Seung Jun had earlier promised to enlist in military service on various platforms while he secretly gave up his Korean citizenship to acquire American citizenship in 2002 relieving him from the mandatory military services. The singer faced the wrath of his fans even after his emotional apology on video streaming ensuring to fulfil his duties on returning to Korea. Assuming the audio to be off, the singer was heard using foul language forcing the netizens to doubt his sincerity.

The singer has filed various lawsuits seeking to lift his ban on entering South Korea with all facing rejection.