Singer Jay Singh keen on learning new musical instruments

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Jay Singh

Who doesn't like ambling in the melody of musical instruments? Each one of us does! After all, these instruments are a blessing to the ears and soul. Our favorite singer, Jay Singh, too, has his heart bent on these harmonic instruments. And this article talks about him and his love for these musical instruments.

Recently, we have learned that singer Jay Singh has started taking lessons for a musical instrument. Do you want to know which one is that one? It's a piano! Jay Singh says, "I've been playing guitar for years and it is still my favorite. However, I was enthusiastic about playing the piano as well. The melody created by the piano is so smooth, gentle, and gracious. Only a few keys will touch your heart and leave you astounded."

People who have heard the hymns on the piano can perfectly relate to Jay Singh's words. The singer is often seen treating us with his insane guitar notes. Now that he has added one more instrument to his musical instrument list, we can't wait to see Jay Shah play the piano and sing the lyrics in his awe-inspiring voice.

We also questioned Jay Singh about why he started playing an instrument. To which he replied, "From the earliest memories of my music classes, I have seen people playing different musical instruments. Since then, I've always wanted to play one. And you should follow your heart, shouldn't you?"

Jay Singh is an extremely versatile singer. His illustrious work profile consists of performing at different events, such as cafes, clubs, college festivals, etc. Jay also keeps amusing us with his music and videos. Inclined towards singing since his childhood, Jay Singh has spent years gaining this experience and establishing his feet firmly in the musical industry.

He still has many dreams to achieve and much more music hits to give. We cannot wait for the day when Jay Singh announces his piano concerts.