Singer Hemang Shah's tuneful voice is no less than a mood lifter

Hemang Shah

Music indeed does magic like no other. Or else, why would we spend our time listening to songs that lift our mood? Speaking of such mood-setting music, it would be completely unjust if we didn't talk about Hemang Shah. Meet the singer whose heartfelt songs are rejoiced in by people all across the nation.

Each one of us has a dedicated playlist for our different types of moods and when it comes to mellowing tones or chirpy vibes, Hemang Shah's songs are a must. Don't believe us? Listen to them once, and they'll be on your playlists for the rest of your life.

Hemang Shah has also set the ambience for different events and occasions with his mellifluous voice. What we exactly mean is that this young and super-talented man has performed in several clubs, weddings and even at a few college festivals. Hemang's versatility can pull off every vibe, be it a dance night or an unplugged performance.

Do you know why we call his songs mood-lifters? It's because every song that Hemang Shah has sung seems to come straight from his soul. Therefore, we can all relate to his tunes and feel his music. Moreover, it is also his infectious energy that drives people crazy. As soon as Hemang Shah begins with a soothing song, you can see the wave of hands holding the flashlights.

This young singer hails from the city of dreams, sure he has to have the blood of a dreamer. Hemang Shah has been fascinated by music since he was a kid and why not? After all, his family has musical traces too.

All this success wasn't easy for him. Hemang Shah had to spend a couple of years training his vocals to get the best of him. After performing for years and giving hits like High Rated Gabru, The Wakhra Song, Pani Da Rang, Ban Ja Rani, Saadi Gali Aaja and more, the singer has left a benchmark in the music industry. And we hope that Hemang keeps doing that.