Singer Giulia Tosi talks about the challenges of being an independent artist

Giulia Tosi

Being a musician is a catch-22! If you are thinking it's a cakewalk for them to build their career, You got it absolutely wrong. Giulia Tosi, a flourishing singer, believes that the main crux of being a singer is when you are all on your own; when you are an independent artist.

Everyone is making music and every man wants to be a singer. Don't you believe us? Take a close look at your folk circle and you will notice that every third person wants to be a singer. Giulia Tosi has faced and is still encountering the obstacles that stand in the way of an independent artist.

Amongst a large heap of difficulties, Giulia states a few. She underlined how these artists face financial disaster. "As an independent artist, you are the whole and sole of your music video. From singing and finding a producer to the distribution of the song, the baggage is on your shoulder. If you've got money, all of this is manageable. But if you don't, then the problems get more vicious."

The singer started her journey without the support of any native or nonnative artist. Besides finance as the main problem, Giulia Tosi highlights others as well, like cancelled shows, a highly competitive market, finding a good team, etc. Now we discern the level of adversity faced by these artists in standing out from the ordinary.

For years, Giulia Tosi has been captivating people and entertaining her fans. Every time the singer drops her new song, it takes the internet by storm. And we are certain that even Giulia's upcoming songs will spread the same charms.

This young singer is a law graduate and also works for her business firm. Giulia Tosi has a favourable image on social media platforms. She is also admired for her beauty and peculiar style. We believe that after facing tremendous odds, Giulia's life bestows success upon her.