Singer Arif Kohli On His Open Mic Studio Plans In Jammu & New Songs For 2022

Arif Kohli

Arif Kohli, from Jammu and Kashmir, is a talented young man with big goals. He is an accomplished singer as well as a cryptocurrency trader. Arif has a YouTube account where he showcases his incredible talent. In the last few years, Arif has achieved a big feat in his musical career, and his channel has thousands of views and subscribers.

Arif Kohli enjoys music as well as cryptocurrency trading. His relatives and friends are often complimenting him on his singing and musical talent. Kohli's performances at parties and gatherings frequently leave the audience enthralled. Arif began his career by traveling to Mumbai to record his first song. When Arif released his first song, it became an instant hit. The song was trending on YouTube and various social media sites. The artist was amazed to see such a huge response to his debut song.

Arif is also doing well in the crypto sector. In 2013, Kohli became interested in bitcoin trading and sought to learn everything he could about it. He started trading in cryptocurrency after borrowing 500 rupees from his father, and his net worth is now estimated to be over 4-5 crores.

Arif Kohli says, "I've always enjoyed music, singing, and writing songs. But I was ecstatic when my first song became a sensation. The affection of the people gave me the courage and motivation to keep doing what I was doing. It makes me pleased that people around the world smile when they listen to my music."

Arif Kohli talks about his plans to start an open mic studio in Jammu. He asserts that "Jammu is bursting at the seams with talented artists who all need a location to show their work. As a result, I'd like to shed some light on them so that, like me, they can achieve their objectives." The musician thinks that 2021 will be a memorable year for him, as he did some amazing work. He is working hard to release new back-to-back singles in 2022.