People queue to buy iPhone X during its launch at the Apple store in Singapore
People queue to buy iPhone X during its launch at the Apple store in Singapore November 3, 2017. REUTERS/Edgar Su Reuters

Buying an iPhone X is a distant dream for most of the techies and the non-techies alike. But what if it goes on a sale for fans eagerly waiting to get their hands on Apple's latest brainchild?

The iPhone X went on a sale on November 3, drawing crowds from far and wide. The Apple lovers queued up outside Apple stores eagerly, to get their hands on the most advanced technological creation, definitely by spending a lump sum amount. In UK and US, the phone has a starting price of $999 and £999 respectively.

Apart from places like Sydney, London, New York, California where fans thronged in to celebrate the technological event, South East Asian countries like Singapore too were not far behind.

Singapore, itself being a tech-savvy nation bears more than just one purpose for attracting people into buying Apple's latest venture. The reception of iPhone X in Singapore was warm. Although it was raining, the weather did not seem to dampen the spirit of the buyers. Queues started early in the morning and apparently from late at night.

IPhone X launch in Singapore
People sleep as they queue overnight for the launch of the new Apple iPhone 6s mobile phone at a mall in Singapore September 25, 2015. REUTERS/Edgar Su Reuters

As per reports, there were people waiting in the line since 6:30 am. There were people who had pre-ordered the iPhone X from nearby places like Bangkok, Thailand and flew to Singapore, only to pick their iPhones up. There were even people who flew all the way from Vietnam only to get hold of their iPhones.

Japan went crazy over the iPhone X launch, as lines in the Apple Store in Shibuya district, Tokyo stretched atleast beyond two streets, if not less. iPhone X buyers were more spread out in China when compared to Japan or Singapore. People started queuing up since 5:00 am and the line seemed to get longer with each passing hour.

The iPhone X is all about the Face ID, water and dust resistance, a 12 megapixel camera with backside illumination sensor, a capacity of 4K video recording, super retina HD display and much more. Apple's latest innovation has brought the future to our doorstep, with a tad higher price tag.