Singapore's first Apple store launch delayed by three months

Singapore's first Apple store is expected to launch around February 2017.

Singapore Apple Store
Singapore Apple Store

Apple fans in Singapore may have to wait a bit longer to get access to the first Apple store in the country as the building is still under construction with an estimated date of completion set for 30 January, 2017. The construction work which started back in July was expected to finish by the end of October, but there has been an unexpected delay by three months for some unknown reason.

A recent notice put up at the construction site confirms building work will progress until late January, while there is no official confirmation on the precise opening date for the Singapore store. Given Apple's track record of immediately occupying the building once the construction work is completed, we can expect a similar feat in February.

As we head into the third week of November, the Singapore store has made "substantial progress" since late July when the construction had just begun. Although the progress has been quite slow, the notice board on the site oozes some confidence with an exact date of completion clearly specified.

The Singapore Apple store is coming up at an upmarket shopping location on Orchard Road. It is expected to run exclusively on solar energy source once it launches early next year.