Singapore's Cybersecurity bill to be introduced only in 2018

The Cybersecurity Bill in Singapore which was delayed earlier will be introduced in 2018.

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The Cybersecurity Bill which was delayed this year in Singapore will be introduced in Parliament in 2018 according to Minister of Communications and Information Yaacob Ibrahim on September 18.

At the ASEAN Ministerial Conference on Cybersecurity, Doctor Yacob said in his speech that in regard to the bill, the Government had been in consultation with various stakeholders, potential critical infrastructure (CII) owners and the wider industry and public.

They took this bill to the public for their consultation as there was a keen interest shown in it.

Dr. Yaacob said during Budget 2016 that the Cybersecurity Act would ensure CII owners secure their infrastructure and report incidents, and also empower the Cyber Security Agency (CSA) to manage cyber incidents and raise the standards of cybersecurity vendors here.

He is also the country's Minister-in-charge of Cyber Security and brought to light that Singapore is striving to develop a strong team of skilled practitioners to improve the security against the global shortage of such professionals.

He ended his speech by saying that the CSA will sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Information Systems Audit and Control Association, which will allow a collaboration on cybersecurity capability and workforce development.

He said that the CSA and Info-communications Media Development Authority have established partnerships to train and equip professionals with ICT or engineering backgrounds to follow into cybersecurity jobs with the company led training.

Indonesia recently established its national cyber agency - the National Cyber and Cipher Agency (or Badan Siber dan Sandi Negara) to improve the coordination of the country's efforts in cybersecurity, the minister said.

Malaysia is also broadening their cybersecurity pool where Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation signed an agreement in December 2016 with the UK's Protection Group International to set up a cybersecurity academy. The cybersecurity courses will help professionals there operate at a high international standard.

Dr. Yaacob also reiterated that Singapore has built close relationships with other ASEAN nations to build up the regional cyber capacity, and will work towards improving the relationship further with full support.

He announced that for the next three years, Singapore will contribute $1.5 million of the S$10 million ASEAN Cyber Capacity Building program.

The Government will also support the industry to run an ASEAN Cybersecurity Industrial Attachment Programme, which will offer training opportunities here for up to 18 candidates from ASEAN member states.

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